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Gurimur LTD.                          

Chaltenbodenstrasse 6

CH-8834 Schindellegi
Tel.: ++41 (0)44 787 83 83

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Gurimur® Digital 
Wunsch-Wände mit Gurimur®




Mit Gurimur®-Digital gestalten Sie die Wände vollkommen frei nach Ihren Ideen, es sind Ihnen kaum Grenzen gesetzt. Ob Sie einen ganz bestimmten Farbton wünschen, ein ausgefallenes Design, ein faszinierendes Bild oder ein Firmenlogo – mit Digitaldruck ist alles möglich. Ihr Wunschdesign wird auf einen qualitativ hochwertigen Wandbelag gedruckt, der leicht tapeziert und wieder entfernt werden kann. Gurimur®-Digital ist zudem langlebig, 100 % abwaschbar, weitgehend kratz- und stossfest und auch für Feuchträume geeignet.

Es stehen über 10 verschiedene Oberflächen-Strukturen zur Auswahl.

Lieferform: 130 cm breit

Gurimur® Taurus
The wallcovering with genuine leather for  those who like the exclusive style



Leather is one of the oldest raw materials of the world.  Cow, sheep and goat leather was used as wallcovering already before the 15th century. It even became the preferential wall decoration during the baroque age. From the 18th century on other materials were being used for decorating walls and people forgot about leather wallcoverings.

Now, the only wallcovering factory in Switzerland, Gurimur AG in Schindellegi, reintroduces the leather wallcovering into the market again. Produced with a completely new technology, the brandnew wallcovering is very easy to install.

Gurimur® Taurus creates in each room an exclusive and warm atmosphere. The wallcovering with genuine leather lets the wall breathe and guarantees a perfect room climate. It is available with  three attractive surface structures, each one in nine different colours.


Gurimur® IMPACT

The ultimately strong wallcoveringfor longlasting attractive walls






For walls which are exposed to extreme strains like e.g. in corridors of hotels, hospitals and homes for the elderly, Gurimur has developped a wallcovering which meets exactly these requirements: Gurimur® Impact and Gurimur® Impact Tedlar®. The polyester reinforcement makes the wallcovering extremly scuff resistant – with Gurimur® Impact the walls resist longer to the daily strains caused by carts and beds. Moreover Gurimur® Impact is completely washable and the Tedlar® version also resists practically all chemical influences and solvents. Gurimur® Impact is therefore the ideal wallcovering for walls where maximum resistance is needed.


Gurimur® TEDLAR® und


Highest level wallcovering for cleaning and disinfection

PDF Prospekt


PDF Desinfektion


Gurimur® TEDLAR® wallcovering consists of a suface protection film made of PVF (Polyvinylfluoride) combined witha strong calandered vinyl film and fabric backing. TEDLAR® has similir properties as TEFLON®. 


Gurimur® TEDLAR® resists to allmost all chemical influences, even solvent. This wallcovering is easy to cliean and remains like new for many ears of use.