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Betriebsgebäude Gurimur AG

Gurimur AG, Switzerland
Manufacturers of Gurimur® High Quality Wallcoverings

Gurimur® wallcoverings have been manufactured in Switzerland for over 40 years. In this long period of time, they have established a solid reputation for a high quality, very durable and therefore economical product.


1970 - 1980: 

Establishing distribution of Gurimur in Central Europe, mainly Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


1980 - 1990:

Expansion of sales to France, Great Britain and Middle East.


Gurimur AG becomes independent.

1990 - 1997:

Further expansion to Far East (Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Australia).


Stephan Egger becomes the new owner of Gurimur AG.


Foundation of the "sister company" Lamina AG for the production of all kinds of laminated films for industrial applications.


Gurimur AG moves to the new office building at Chaltenbodenstrasse 6, Schindellegi

Profile of Quality
The secret of the Gurimur® quality lies in the fact that it is made with a very tough, compact, calandered vinyl or polyolefin film, and that no expansion additives or spreading is used. 

Profile of distributors
Gurimur® distributors or agents are usually independent importers and distributors of quality wallcoverings. While some of them carry other, complementary lines, such as textile wallcoverings, others are specializing on Gurimur® exclusively.

Complete sample folders or books are available for the following product lines:


Gurimur® S

Vinyl with cotton fabric backing (80 colourways)

Gurimur® P

Vinyl wit paper backing (80 colourways)


Vinyl/TEDLAR® with fabric backing (8 colourways in 2 versions)

Gurimur® IMPACT Multi-layer wall protection with fabric backing
Gurimur® TEDLAR® IMPACT Multi-layer wall protection with TEDLAR® coating and fabric backing
Gurimur® DIGITAL Vinyl wall-covering for digital inkjet printing
Gurimur® TAURUS Wall-covering made with real Leather and cotton fabric backing


Floor protection

Gurimur® ECO-COVER

Protection film with nonwoven

Distributors can either use these or make up books with their own selection of colourways. A complete ringbook folder for architects is also available with a full range of samples and technical data.

Areas of use
Gurimur® wallcoverings are maily used for hotels, office buildings, hospitals, but also for schools, shops, private rooms, plus many other places where a washable, durable quality is wanted. The version Gurimur® TEDLAR® is being applied with preference in Operation Theatres and Laboratories where a high resistance against aggressive cleaning agents, solvents is required.

All products are in stock and shipments of 100 to 1000 metres can usually be made within 1 or 2 days. The factory has recently been moved to larger quarters and even quite large orders can now be produced within 5 to 10 days. Special designs are produced according to the needs of the client. In house digital printed wallcovering is available within 1-2 days.

The factory is located at
Schindellegi, at a distance of  about 35 km from Zurich. All major forwarders and Zurich airport are near.

A longtime,competent staff attends to all incoming inquiries and orders. Chief executive and liaison for all export clients is Mr. Stephan Egger.

Gurimur AG

Chaltenbodenstrasse 6, CH-8834 Schindellegi/Schweiz

Tel: +41-(0)44-787 83 83  /  Fax: +41-(0)44-787 83 87